Sunday, March 04, 2007

Water Company in my bad books

I think it was the end of January when the Water company who service my neighbourhood streets first turned off the supply. I dont know what they are doing, but it involves digging up every street in several places. Probably they are replacing the pipes, in which case I am pleased, but cannot help thinking that it is going on for an inordinate amount of time.

It is a more or less daily occurence, does that make it five weeks or six?

They cut the supply off at 8am each morning, you have to get up before then, get a shower, fill the kettle, do the washing up, all that, before 8am. Then the supply might not come back on until 6pm.

I cannot even start to imagine how the private nursery round the corner has managed to keep up its provision through this period. How can you look after babies and little children without hot and cold running water? I hope they will be demanding a rebate.

I took very precious flexi time from work on Friday so that the Gas company who service my boiler could come and do their annual work.

Sadly, because of the stoppages to the water supply they could not act and we have had to make a further appointment. What I will do if things are not resolved by then, I dont know.

I have kept all the dozens of cards that have come through the door letting us know that there will once again be no water all day.

It is enough to make you want to complain to your councillor. I hope Cllr Bradley will be able to fit me in at one of his surgeries if this does not get sorted out soon.

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