Sunday, March 25, 2007

Imitation is flattery at the Neighbourhood Committee

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so I should be delighted that my campaigns are so good that the LibDems are now pinching them so often.

Twice on Monday I had to raise a wry smile when I saw Councillor Invisible and his mate at it again.

My petition on traffic calming in Butler Crescent made it through the Neighbourhood Committee, which was a miracle considering one of my opponent LibDem Councillors voted against it in Town Hall recently and the other had left before we got to that point on the agenda.

Anyway, I have been trying to get something done to slow down speeding cars on this dangerous bend for about 7 months and now apparently Cllr Doran has had a damascene moment (funny how that keeps happening as polling day approaches) and has gone to the trouble of writing to officers about it. I expect it will feature in a future FibDem leaflet, but the people of Butler Crescent are in no doubt as to which party is really supporting them on this one.

Then we came to the planning items and Cllr Marbrow told the committee that he hoped the new neighbourhood centre would encompass a free cash point machine.

Funny that, I told the planning people the self same thing four weeks ago and an edited version of my comments to them appear on this blog dated a whole month ago.

It is great really, now I know how to get things done for local people - make sure the LibDems pick up on my campaigns and sit back and wait for them to promote them!

The problem the LibDems face is that they dont go to residents' meetings and dont engage with the community so they dont know what people want. Whereas Wendy and I rarely if ever miss any of them at all!

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