Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lost my stat counter

Hello clever people

I have upgraded from blogger beta to blogger

and updated my layout

and somehow in the process I have lost my stat counter

If you click on the link to this blog then you will see where I got it from.

I dont seem to have access to the page of HTML that I had before, where I could insert a stream of code which would result in the displaying of the logo and the setting up of the monitoring.

I need someone to tell me how to do that. I have asked Stat counter's help page and it talked me through a process but then talked about my looking for the blogger button in the HTML in the template and then inserting my code after it.

That blogger button reference does not exist in my template

Help please


(Was on 40 hits a day, now on none......which I know is not right)



Ian Lewis said...

Blogger was nothing but a pain in the rear - try Wordpress if you get a minute...

Louise Baldock said...

How would I do that Ian? Would it require making a new blog? Would I be able to transfer my entries? And more importantly, would it be free?

lorenzo23 said...

The Blogger button code which you no longer have usually comes right at the bottom of all the HTML code for the sidebar info.

You want to put it in after the line which mentions "profile" in your code and before it goes on to the stuff about widgits.

It's right near the end.

Hope this helps. Are you using Google Analytics site/hit monitoring?

I'm sure there are enough of us out here to help a fellow Co-operator.
Keep posting it's a good read.

Louise Baldock said...

Lorenzo, great name, Shakespearean if my memory serves me right.

I dont seem to have the HTML for the sidebar info, you have hit the problem firmly on its nose.

That is the bit I cannot find and where I would wish to add the bits I want. I used to have it but now, having pressed some "update" type button a few weeks ago, none of that is there any more.

I also had a box for Labour supporters network on my sidebar but that has gone too for the same reason.

What should I do?

Am not using Google analytics, do not know what they are

Happy to learn!