Sunday, March 04, 2007

Daniel Kitson in C90

I really enjoy seeing Daniel Kitson, whether it is a stand-up or in this case, a special play he had written with the most amazing props.

He did three nights in the Everyman this week.

The play was essentially about honouring people for the public service they have given, in this case a lollipop lady, a school teacher and a library assistant, through the medium of giving them a gift of a tape of music on their last day in their post. That doesnt sound very funny, and I am not sure it was necessarily meant to be funny, although it was of course funny in parts. But it was as much moving as it was belly-laughs. I dont want to spoil it for anyone else so I wont go into detail but it was very thought-provoking.

Perhaps there is a story within the story about something that has happened to someone close to Mr Kitson that we will never know. I hope it is a warm story, the play was very warm.

I know that he is a native of the environs of Huddersfield and having lived there myself for 6 years, it was inevitable that I set the play in my mind in Meltham as it seemed to make such a lot of sense that way.

The prop was a full sized library shelving with a ladder on runners that enabled him to move up and down this wall of tapes, it was tremendous and I have heard that he told his first audience that creating it took longer than writing or learning the script. Amazing.

After the performance he gave a further more traditional stand-up at the Royal Court which I understand was very popular too.

A man well worth spending some serious money to see


Cath said...

I used to teach this young man!! Well he was at Shelley while I was there (at the same time as Kate Rusby) and I did some team teaching with Marylin who was his form teacher.
You look to be keeping very busy - see you when we get back from La belle France.

Louise Baldock said...

Cath, he was and is marvellous, all my pals in Liverpool are going to see him, over and over, I think he said he was from somewhere like Denby Dale or Kirkburton.

I am not surprised you know him. I could probably have guessed in fact, you know all the best people in the west of West Yorkshire, you have proved that often enough.

He is simply a wonderful performer. Google him and go and see him when he next he is showing near you (and say hello in the break)

Hope France is great, big hugs