Sunday, March 04, 2007

A busy Sunday

I spent the morning in Warrington, with my regional Labour Party hat on, chairing regional panels who were interviewing prospective parliamentary candidates to determine whether they would be suitable to be accepted on to the approved list of candidates for future General Elections.

Some very strong candidates, it does fill you with optimism for the future I must say.

Then in the afternoon I came home via Speke where I put in some time addressing envelopes and doing other mundane admin tasks, it was too wet to get out and do any more door-knocking. I was pleased to see that young Daniel has come out of his sick bed, we were all worried about him.

Maria Eagle was rushing off to Belfast, weather permitting.

I got home after having Sunday tea with Colin and pushed on with the reorganisation of my home office and setting up my computer so that I can have proper access to the Liverpool council email and website from home. Doing it in the sitting room is not what I wanted but I understand about the problems of wireless broadband and having strangers get on to the intranet from the environs of my house. I hope technology catches up with the reality of life soon so that I can get online from upstairs in the specially prepared room which is currently defunct...

Anyway, the boxes are out of the way and the connections seem to just about reach from one plug to another, if I dont mind cables running all round the room. Fingers crossed!

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Suzanne said...

Louise - had you realised your blog will be 1 year old at the end of March. I think you should mark the occasion...maybe a press release to the Liverpool Echo..........