Saturday, March 17, 2007

Special spam

I just had to share this nonsense with you. I got this email today, entitled

"Re[5]:maybe u want to learn me better"

Privet, gentleman (what a fabulous start)

It's a destiny that you have got this mail from me, it's a destiny that you are reading about me and maybe we are the two halves of one heart that was lost in the huge world? I believe in fate and I believe in beautiful love, do you? (If I did I might be starting to doubt right about now)

Do you feel you have everything in your life? And what about Love? Do you have it now? Are you beloved? Does some woman present you all her passion, tenderness and care? (Other than my mother? Not as such no)

Does she fulfill your wishes? Do you feel needed and respected? Do you want all this? (How will I fit it in between council meetings and door-knocking, case-work and the day job?)

I am sure you do! And I am the woman who is looking for a man to give all that! (Not quite sure how I can help really) Find me here (snip) Love helps to understand the beauty of life… It is like a wind -one doesn't see it but can feel it…Waiting for your mail (Feeling your wind!)

Stazy (Louise)

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