Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yarm Methodist Church - Wesley's favourite octagonal chapel

Yarm Methodist Church is my home church I guess. I go when I am visiting family and went with Mum last Sunday. I was delighted to see it had had a lovely paint refresh (from the Community PayBack team I understand, or perhaps the Probation Service), so after the service I took some photos for you to see.

It is known as Wesley's favourite octagonal chapel but I confess I don't know how much competition there is? It is certainly my favourite chapel - anywhere.

We were sitting upstairs on the balcony, so the shots look across to the choir, organ and altar, with one of the beginning of the downstairs congregation area and one across the balcony.


colin said...

It's a lovely building, but very well hidden away. Being a cat licker did find the service different to what I know though.

Louise Baldock said...

Yes, it is true that Methodism is a long way from Catholicism. No statues, no figure on the cross, no fripperies or fancies, just a plain chapel where ministers or lay preachers talk simply about the life of Jesus. It is a beautiful old chapel, founded in the 1700s, I love it.