Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jack the Hat

Liam Robinson was at work one day at Lime Street Railway Station in Liverpool where he is a Station Manager. A call came through from Lost Property. They had found an important item left on a train, could he help?

It was a black fedora (hat) and inside the brim was a note which said words to the effect of "This hat belongs to Jack Straw MP, please return it to the House of Commons if you find it".

The staff in the lost property department knew that Liam was a Labour politician, being one of the Labour councillors for Kensington and Fairfield and they also knew that Jack Straw was a Labour MP. They wondered if he could reunite Jack with his hat.

A willing Liam took the hat away and phoned the constituency office. The staff were delighted to hear from him, Jack had been so unhappy to have lost his precious hat which he had worn for such a long time. And next time Liam was on his travels up north, he called into Jack's constituency office in Blackburn and dropped it off with a grateful owner.

All's well that ends well! Hat's the way to do it!

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