Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nice bit of scam for tea?

I do feel so sorry for this lady who has written to my company's email address today, she is on her kneels after all! Imagine Daddy leaving you a cool $5million dollars which he had set aside for the creation of his new business (that is a hell of a legacy for an engineer by the way, don't you think? He must have been terrific at what he did!). But poor old Glays cannot get hold of her inheritance without my help. Somehow she has reached out across the globe and found me, and she knows I am exactly the right person to help her. She apparently trusts me to "manage" this huge wallop of dosh for 7 years, and invest it in any good companies in this country (William Hill perhaps or Leo's Casinos?), and then be good enough to hand it back, having earned a 15% fee without her even knowing my name, address, occupation, telephone number (bank account details)... or anything really.

It really fills my heart with joy to know that there are such lovely, trusting people out there.

From:Miss Glays Dia

01 bp 25687 abobo
abidjan,ivory coast


My name is Glays Dia from Abidjan Ivory Coast and I will be 18 years old on the 22nd of Novermber.My father Engineer Wilson Dia died in july 17 2010 after being involved in a motor accident. Before my father died, my mother had earlier died as a result of Diabetes.Before my father died in the hospital while taking treatment, he told me that there is Five million one hundred thousand united states dollars(US5,100,000.00) he has in a bank here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.

He said that the money was meant for establishing his business in Abidjan - Ivory Coast. Though, according to my father he deposited the money in his own name and mentioned me in the documents as the next of kin .Before his death he advised me to seek for a trust worthy person abroad who will help me invest and manage this money for me until i am capable to handle it. Now I have succeeded in locating the bank in Abidjan and also confirmed the money is in there confidentiality.

But the bank said from the agreement my father has with them that i can only claim the money when i am upto 25 years. And if i am not upto that age, i should present a guardian who will help me in recieving the money and for investment purposes in his or her country. Now I am seeking for your assistance to help me transfer out this money from this bank he deposited it to your account so that you can be able to manage and invest it in any good business in your country and also help me to move out from here so that I can continue my education which stopped since my parents death.

I am Waiting anxiously to hear from you so that we can discuss how you can assist me on this as my guardian since it is the only condition that the bank said this my inheritance can be release to me at this my present age or i can wait until i am upto 25 years and above. Thanks for your kind attention and i will appreciate to receive your reply to know if you will be able to help me stand as my guardian for my inheritance be release to me through your kind help.Please i am willing to give you 15% from the inheritance for standing as my guardian and also know that you are going to manage it for me .Please i am on my kneels begging you to accept standing as my guardian so that my inheritance be transfer out from here.Please i will like you to send this information to me which will be what i will be presenting to the bank when i hear from you.

1.Your name and your address.
2.Your Telephone
4.Age/Marital Status

Thanks and God Bless
Miss Glays Dia

God bless you too Miss Dia, I am amazed that there are still scam artists out there that believe that such nonsense is a worthwhile ROI. And incidentally, if you are going to make up a name, at least aim for some consistency with your forename, in terms of the email address you invent and the name you sign your email off with. Really a child of five could have done better...

Photo: From Scamsters


Louise Baldock said...

A friend of mine sent me this comment by email.

It seems that Abidjan is teeming with wealthy almost-25 year olds eager to hand over 15% of their cash. Pity you were not approached by the even more wealthy Jane Kamara (age 22) - see
http://www.419baiter.com/_scam_emails/08-10a/scam-email-38044.html. Or Aicha Malik (age 21) or Faith Adel (age 21) etc etc - see http://419.bittenus.com/aichamalik/ - this one is hilarious as all the different "women" send a photo of the same person. A whole lot more of them here http://www.svbizlaw.com/nigerian.419.letters32.htm.

scouseboy said...

Send her the address of the Greek treasury, there isn't much to clean out from there!!
I regularly get nonsense like this in my junk e-mail, despite reporting every one as phishing.
I must be a very lucky person to consistently get massively large amounts of money granted to me!!