Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bistro Yard 2011 - June sees the flowers start to blossom

I went for pinks and reds mainly this year, for a colour theme, and have tried to avoid plants that are attacked by aphids or slugs. So no more petunias and instead busy lizzies, geraniums and fuschia mainly,  let me know what you think! I do need to do some weeding, the rear of the yard which is tiled is particular prone to dandelions.


Colin said...

It looks lovely Lou, must be down to the person who gave them their first watering. LOL

scouseboy said...

It was my turn on the rota to water our plants on display in Walton Vale for Warbreck in Bloom last Friday.
They are coming on a treat.
One problem though.. I watered them at rush hour, I'm sure some of the passing cars thought I was on community payback!!!

Louise Baldock said...

Colin - you are so right, they would all be dead if it weren't for your baptism. You should come for tea soon and eat in the yard and admire your handywork!

Louise Baldock said...

Les - LOL, get yourself a dayglow jacket with "volunteer - not on probation" written on the back!