Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lost your cymbals? Lost your suit? Calling all bandsmen

Somewhere out there is a bandsman who has lost his cymbals and his suit in a red bag, in a taxi in Liverpool.

Don't panic! They have been handed in to a police station. They are at Eaton Road Police Station in Liverpool, waiting for you to collect them. There is a piece of paper in the bag with your name on, but no contact details. If you can say what your name is then you can be reunited with your lost items.

I am betting you are from a Pennines Brass Band on a mini tour or festival. Can everyone who reads this please share with your band mates.

(I was on tour with the Critical Incident Team last night but arrived a bit early so took the time to have a chat with the lads on the desk over a cup of coffee while I waited. I picked up this bit of gossip while I sat with them, thought it might be interesting and useful to someone, while we are on the theme of lost property).

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