Friday, December 12, 2008

Manchester says no to the congestion charge

Hot off the press - all 10 boroughs say NO to the congestion charge for Manchester for 2013

They also therefore have said no to £3billion public transport improvements and the Government have said there is no plan B so I am not sure where that leaves Manchester or the other cities said to be waiting for this result to decide whether to try the same things themselves.

Myself I am agnostic, I would like to see less car use but I know how reliant on cars we all have become over the last 100 years - since they were invented in fact. For many of us, we are going to need a bus stop outside our house and a bus stop outside our destination and one bus running between the two before we get on public transport very often. It is always easier to find an excuse for why we need to travel by car. And I count myself with the guilty there.

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