Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dylan in hospital but getting better

Little Dylan has been in hospital for a week now, and we were all really hoping he was coming home today, but sadly not. The poison has not all cleared up yet.

He has had an abscess on one of his lymph nodes in his neck - lymphadenitis - I have just read on Wikipedia that it might have been caused by a cat stratch. I would be interested to learn whether Jasper had scratched him! Otherwise it is caused by tonsilitis often in children, and he did have that a few weeks ago.

It has been a terrible time for his family, worrying about him, living at the hospital, looking after baby Alice, struggling through snow on a couple of occasions. And he is so little, only 3. They have been so strong. He had to have an operation with general anaesthetic to lance and clean the abscess, and it is taking a long time to clear up. He is much more lively and a lot less listless than he was though, thankfully

Anyway, send him positive thoughts that he will get well and come home soon, tomorrow would be good!


scouseboy said...

I hope that things go a lot better for young Dylan soon, and I hope Santa brings him all the presents he wishes for. It is a very distressing thing for a parent to see their young child has an operation, and I hope your friends fortunes improve in time for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

no, not Jasper's fault this time! Interesting tho!