Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Christmas! Dylan is better and at home

I went to see Dylan at home in York today and am delighted to report that not only has he finally been sent home from hospital but he was singing and eating cake and running to the window to see Farmer Christmas go past on his (Lions) sleigh!
I helped him decorate the Christmas tree too. It was terrific to see him for myself and check out just how well he really is.

My sister Maxine had the same infection when she was 18 (I checked it out with her today) and it has never come back, so fingers crossed Dylan will never have to go through anything this awful ever again either

Alice was looking her usual gorgeous self, that girl is so beautiful. I put her down on the carpet and she rolled this way and that, right across the rug, grabbing at toys and pushing herself up on her tummy, she will be crawling within the next couple of weeks I reckon. I was desperate for it to be today while I was watching but sadly she was only teasing me.

I am going to see them again in a few weeks time at New Year and I am hoping to see two lovely children full of beans and festive cheer - and crawling!

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