Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Liverpool Nat West Bank customer?

I just popped into Nat West bank on Castle Street to drop off a deposit for my boss and the place was full of film crews with all the accompanying chuck wagons etc.

They were looking for customers they could chat to and film about their accounts, particularly business customers.

If you are a business customer and you fancy being in the limelight, get yourself down there right now!


Anonymous said...

As a Nat West business customer I'd LOVE to be able to comment, although not here as you'd almost certainly moderate everything out! Suffice to say don't believe what you hear about the RBS/Nat West helping small biz as the government has asked. I had a good chat with Yvette about it last week when the cabinet was in Leeds.

Louise Baldock said...


I shall bear that in mind when next I celebrate the First Bank of the People

Cath said...

I'm in that one - I've heard nothing negative about the Co-op throughout all this so called credit crunch business.

scouseboy said...

I am no particular fan of Nat West, however I spied the advert on 23rd December. It stated its location was in a Nat West branch in Liverpool, and it was promoting free financial advice. The advert was extermely high profile, immediately before the top of the hour headlines on Sky News at teatime. You were nearly even more famous Louise!!