Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jane Kennedy's new website

Jane Kennedy MP has a new website which she introduces here on YouTube. Have a look, see what you think!


scouseboy said...

I wish my own MP would do this!! He has a local weekly newspaper column, and he does get back to me over issues I raise with him, but this is an excellent initiative by Jane, which I hope our other city Mp's and Labour candidates copy.
Things got a little tight for her at the last election, but I think she is more than capable of seeing off any challenge from the Fib Dems.

Anonymous said...

I agree peter kilfoyle does not tell any of us what he is doing maybe he thinks hes untouchable it would suite him better to get out and about we can all write weekly colums about shit.his side kick gary booth wants to leave the pies alone and stay out of sayers and do what hes payed for work for the area.

good luck with site

scouseboy said...

To anonymous: Why the personal attack on Gary Booth? I have never made personal attacks on anybody either on Louise's blog or my own, I think they are cowardly and despicable. Looking at the spelling mistakes and the grammar in your contribution, were you sober when you typed it??

J said...

Peter Kilfoyle has actually had a website longer than any other Liverpool MP (http://www.peterkilfoyle.com/)
It is actually on its second design such is the length of time it has been there.

However, these days it is not kept up to date - which is always the problem with websites and blogs.

Scouseboy - I agree with your response to anonymous but I should also think you need to be careful who you criticise too.

Louise Baldock said...

Gary Booth is a lovely bloke and the new Chair of the Co-op Party too as a matter of fact. Don't be coming here with your personal attacks.