Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Councillor Steve Hurst has resigned as Executive Member for Corporate Performance

- in order to "fight to clear his name".

See more here and here

This comes 24 hours after a Liverpool Echo editorial called for his resignation

There is no news at present about who will be asked to take over, but my money is on one of the 26 - or maybe Colin Eldridge who has been missing the campaigning opportunities afforded to him by LCC by being an EM.


scouseboy said...

I think the labour group should now be thinking quite seriously about when they become the ruling group on the council, the major budget issues and how they will deal with them. Think like a controlling group in waiting. I don't think the fib dems will be able to last in control until 2010.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Baldock you would be beter employed getting jobs for you voters not sucking up to the poles do you know what damage you have done to this country you will be judged by history as a traitor, how many muslims have you and liebour killed in iraq/afghanistan = 50,000 how many have the BNP killed =0 we will get you at the ballot box ,then you will be in court for your crimes

steve faragher said...

There will be a certian amount of Euphoria over the CoC but when the Budget Chickens come home to roost, Warren getting smothered with kisses at the MTV awards (which brought £50million to the city.... where? How?..does that mean the council are 30 million in profit?)will be wearing a bit thin in places likes Kenny and Nogsy,come election time ...although there are very few votes in these areas as we have "seen the light!!!!" politically speaking

Incidentally the last few CoC events ahve all been couched in the press by the Council as to how much it has brought into the city, MTV 50 mill "big Fernch spider thing" 30 mill, as though thats going to make up for some of the cock ups (Archer Harborrow,flooded dock etc) not a penny of these sums goes to the council though, so the deficit will still be the deficit...but I do remember a poster in 2006 which claimed 2 million people had alredy attended CoC events (these being the grand national, the summer pops etc etc) so be carfeul with those figures Warren.

steve faragher said...

I was talking to a member of the small left wing socialist party whose leaflet it was supposed to be in Belle Vale last week...he was made up for the free publicity but was wondering when steve would be pay his membership subs?