Thursday, November 27, 2008

Traffic and pedestrian management - Prescot Road/Laurel Road junction

Residents raise the issue of the Prescot Road/Laurel Road junction at practically every meeting of FARA and every meeting of Latham Court

I had a site visit in June with an officer from LCC but it did not come to anything and so I organised a second visit this month with a different set of officers to find out whether we can do something on this dangerous junction.

There are two issues, one, the perennial one, is where the money would come from. The other is about whether such a scheme is possible, given that there is a social club with its entrance in the middle of what would be a controlled junction. And it is in a conservation area so there are issues about how we manage that. But we had a productive site visit. The conservation officer thought we could manage a scheme that would satisfy her, the highways officers thought they might have a solution, so I have asked them to go away and clarify all that.

If we can get a scheme that will allow cars to come into and out of Laurel Road safely and that will allow pedestrians to cross without fear of being knocked over, then we can start to work on where the money would come from.

I will keep you posted about this

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