Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Royal Mail getting ready for Christmas

I have had a letter from Royal Mail today, as an anonymous householder, telling me about their Christmas postage plans.

I have to say that I am quite impressed

There are pledges to try harder to deliver packages to me during the festive period, including Sundays and evening deliveries - all those gifts from far away!

The collection offices will be open for longer and they wont charge for Local Collect during December.

Pretty good customer service I would say, from an organisation that sometimes falls short, given that they often push "sorry you were out" cards through without actually waiting to see if I am in.

But I should say that I do hope the RM staff will get a financial benefit from these longer hours, otherwise it will be Ebenezer Scrooge writ large.

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scouseboy said...

Having seen the performance of the Royal mail under the stewardship of Adam Crozier, I would not be expecting too much of them