Thursday, November 20, 2008

In defence of Jim Murphy - just in case!

Reporters at the BBC deserve a very serious telling off for their coverage of Question Time

Admittedly I did not watch it, but the article makes is clear that a member of the audience asked the panel about John Sergeant's resignation from Strictly Come Dancing.

Jim Murphy, Scottish Minister, apparently said that in his view it was the judges that should have gone, not John. He said he and his family watched the show and etc. Anyway you can see what he said for yourself by reading the link.

What are the odds that Jim will now join a list that already contains Andy Burnham as someone who should not be commenting on celebrity TV. What is a Question Time guest supposed to do? Refuse to answer questions that might be deemed insufficiently serious and too light-weight in case of criticism?

And how dare the BBC take this line about a BBC programme!!

Of course I might be overreacting and there might be no such further reporting, but it is currently a headline on the politics section of the BBC and until you read the story you think that someone has gone out of their way to issue a statement on this.


PS I never watch strictly because I dont like formal dancing but I have always liked John Sergeant since I read his autobiography a few years back, which I can lend to any friends who would like it


Louise Baldock said...

Oh it seems as though the BBC has jumped the gun, publishing the story before the programme aired, so I am going to watch it now as it has just started...

More later

Louise Baldock said...

I was right, it is a non-story, shame on the BBC for their lazy journalism