Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stop the Rot and Deane Road Jewish Cemetery

I sat in for Labour Leader Councillor Joe Anderson at a Stop the Rot meeting a few weeks back. It is a working group set up by the Liverpool Echo with the support of the Bishop of Liverpool, Rt Rev James Jones, to tackle certain important buildings in the city that are being allowed to fall down.

We looked at current and ongoing plans for buildings in Seel Street, for the Florrie, for the pub with the Banksy artwork, all sorts and it was all very useful, and some of the battles are immense. All power to everyone on the group, from LCC and numerous other partners.

I took the opportunity to mention our Deane Road Jewish Cemetery project and got the agreement from the Buildings at Risk person that he and a colleague will meet with us and advise us and hopefully support us in our bid for Heritage Lottery Funds to restore this jewel in our neighbourhood.

I will keep you updated with this, next job is to find a date that we can all manage to show off the cemtery and explain our plans.

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