Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Merseyside Polonia - 2nd event

I was delighted to attend the second meeting of Merseyside Polonia, designed to bring together Polish people and their neighbours across the county. It was held in St Francis of Assisi Academy, as will all the meetings in the series of 8, and I would guestimate that perhaps 80 people were there.

We had short presentations from various public organisations, the fire service, Venture Housing, C7 wardens and a local solicitor with a Polish translator. We then had a presentation from a Polish man and his wife about their home town and we all laughed when he told us how he had been asked whether there were Polar Bears in Poland. It was a great looking town, sadly I cannot recall its name, but it began with an "O" and I wanted to visit there by the end of the promotion.

We had some lovely Polish food, essentially a bread and cold meat buffet with some fruit salad, before watching some scenes from George McKane's favourite Polish Films.

I am really looking forward to the next 6 meetings!

Gosia McKane is achieving great things with this project and we are absolutely delighted to financially support her and her friends to even greater success.

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