Saturday, September 13, 2008

Second Mural takes shape

Liverpool's second mural is taking shape, thanks to Peter Morrison and the Liverpool Mural Project.

Wendy and I have been to see the work at my favourite music venue, the New Picket.

I have put a few photos up of the work in progress, but if you want to see the finished article, I suggest you pop up there next week when it should have been varnished and weather-proofed!

A mural which promotes the Liverpool-Ireland connections (North and South), the mural is bordered with celtic symbols and shows scenes from Belfast, Eire and Liverpool.

There are depicted famous people with Liverpool/Ireland roots - like Kitty Wilkinson who established public wash-houses in Liverpool and so improved public health, James Larkin the Trade Unionist, Agnes Jones who set up district nursing after being trained by Florence Nightingale, Elvis Costello too - and they have not finished yet so more may appear. As we left today one artist had started painting the Liverpool skyline, another had finished an image of Harland and Woolf.

There are terrible depictions of famine stricken victims in supplication, next to vibrant Liver birds.

Sponsored in this case by the Capital of Culture company who have thankfully got over their fear that the murals are "not edgy enough" and have finally put their hands in their pocket, good for them - it is going to be a masterpiece, get down there and have a look!


Jimmy P said...

Been down the Picket tonight and the mural looks amazing even in the dark.

Stuart Borthwick said...

My upmost praise for the Liverpool Mural Project for not giving up, and for ensuring that this mural was eventually commissioned.

Praise also to Louise for publicising the mural, and good luck to her in ensuring that the proposed Kensington mural gets painted.

Anonymous said...

Hardly a reflection on Northern ireland at all.

We don't do all the Celtic rubbish!

Glad this mural has had a fresh layer of paint ;)

Louise Baldock said...

You have obviously not had a proper look and you dont know what you are talking about. The two main artists were the son of a loyalist politician from Belfast and a catholic from the South. Mark Irvine, the NI guy, proudly painted Harland and Wolf while I watched. He said it was his favourite image.
But the celtic images belong to Eire, and their artist was equally proud to paint them. This was not a mural just for the North or just for the South or indeed just for Liverpool but a combination of all three. Next time Mark is over, perhaps you will have the courage to tell him you dont think he is a proper Belfast artist yourself? Yeah, right!
Hiding your small mind behind a cloak of anonymity is nothing to be proud of (and neither is vandalism)

Jimmy P said...

anonymous - the only thing your missing is a big red nose and a pair of daft shoes, you clown!