Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a great birthday weekend, in many and various parts.

Mum and my step-father Roger came to stay which was great in itself

We went out for a meal on Saturday night to the Mexican restaurant on Allerton Road, the Tavern and I had a chicken chimichanga, now you dont get the opportunity to say that very often! and very nice it was too.

On Sunday morning we took a trip to Reynolds Park (I am whispering now because it is a fantastic park where the grass is clearly cut with nail scissors and the gardeners were all best mates with Percy Thrower, or my Granddad Baldock, or his Dad, or his brother, or my Great Uncle Reg on the other side, I mean true gardeners who take a lot of pride from their municipal flower growing)

It was wonderful and the dahlias were spectacular, if you have not been then I would advise it, but you might need a passport as it is Woolton.

On Sunday evening, Claire Wilner, Colin and Mike and I went to the New Picket for a gig to celebrate Love Music, Hate Racism. I was promised a bigger group of guests but they were variously struck down with illness and alternative arrangements (or perhaps they couldn't face the spectre of me making a political speech while party-goers were supping away, fair do's!)

Anyway, I did make a short speech, it cannot have lasted more than three or four minutes, on behalf of the Liverpool Labour Group, and followed the head of the NW TUC, Steve who had paid for the event.

It was well received and a few people came over to chat afterwords but I was getting stuck into the Magners and the wine by then (it was my birthday after all) so we didnt get into detail.

I had some really lovely gifts - the highlight would have to be a small yellow superlambanana, who would not love one? But I also had some great stuff for the yard, which I am hoping to turn into a lovely yard garden next year - hanging baskets, plants, hand tools, vouchers etc. I also had some great jewellry and not one, but two handbags, my cup floweth over!

Since Sunday the days have been brighter, I have achieved more and had some notable successes on ward issues which I probably wouldnt wish to announce here in this blog, but they will come........maybe 43 is THE year to aspire to?

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