Monday, September 22, 2008

Cath and Steve's wedding party

On Saturday night I was safely ensconced back in the Holme Valley with my mate Pat, at the wedding celebrations of Cath Ingham and Steve Seymour Clancy. Pat was a very good hostess and generally we enjoyed catching up and visiting old haunts, I had a tremendous time.

The wedding celebration was quite an intimate gathering, families, close friends and old friends, and I was priveliged to be included in the small circle of those who merited a meal and a glass of wine before the others arrived.

I had a great time re-meeting old friends, the entire officership of Holme Valley South BLP were present, Jack and Janet, Rob and Di, Rita, Bob and his new lady friend as well as CLP stalwarts Hilary and Barrie. I eventually decided to forgive Janet for saying "Louise who?" as Cath told her who she might meet aross the dance-floor, it is amazing how long four years can be - four years and indeed five years too since I was their council candidate in Kirklees. I enjoyed chatting with Jack about his time at Liverpool University some 40 years ago and what of his memories he could still expect to find in terms of buildings, pubs and theatres etc. Rob told me that he still sometimes reads my blog although it makes him tired because of the busy life a councillor has. I told him to leave a comment next time, it is no good doing your reading in secret!

The bacardi-drenched wedding cake was suprisingly tasty Cath, well done for that, and your grandchildren are growing up to be as beautiful as I would have expected, but the highlight of the night was of course the special performance of the Travelling Bilberets who I suspect have rarely performed outside of Labour Party functions. However, from 1997 at the celebration party following Kali's election, through to my adoption meeting in 2003 and my farewell party in 2004 at Marsden Mechanics, and many in between, including Barrie's 60th, they have always played a blinder and Saturday was no exception. "We aint gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more" was the massive success it always was, we may have missed "No Riddick, No cry" but otherwise all the old favourites were to the fore. Mustang Sally had everyone on the dance floor although by that time they would have struggled to get us seated!

A fab night, and I was particularly pleased that Cath and Steve wore their wedding outfits for the guests and that every family member was present.

Very special, thanks for inviting me and may I send you both all best and most sincerely felt good wishes for a happy life together (and a special thanks for the order of service you gave me as a gift, showing my reading on your happy day, albeit courtesy of an MP3 player)

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scouseboy said...

Bacardi drenched wedding cake? I have an aversion to weddings and cakes, but That could tempt me into developing a sweet tooth!!!
Glad you had a great time.