Friday, September 05, 2008

Fraud within LCC going unreported

See the story from page 2 of today's Liverpool Daily Post here

There was a lot of dicussion about this at the last Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Internal Audit are being thwarted in their policing role by senior managers who are not reporting cases to them!

Imagine someone committing £40k worth of fraud (allegedly) and it not being reported to the police or the internal fraud people.


scouseboy said...

On a tenuous!!! link to the story: I read your comments in the (disgrasefully soon not to be Liverpool) Daily post today. I hope all parties on the council can agree a resolution condemning the imminent move of the printing of the Daily Post and Echo to Manchester, and the resultant loss of Merseyside jobs, despite assurances from Trinity that SOME jobs could move to Manchester. I have bought the Daily Post for many years, (however i stopped buying the echo when they stopped printing the 4pm edition- you were only getting a regurgatation of the mornings news) I will no longer buy the post if they turn their backs on the Merseyside workforce.

scouseboy said...

Further update: The Daily Post used the whole of its leader column yesterday in an attempt to justify their decision to move printing to Manchester. Their arguments and reasoning were weak, and did nothing to change my opinion that they are wrong to move

Louise Baldock said...

I suppose I ought to do an entry on my views on this?