Monday, September 22, 2008

Labour Party Conference

The wise amongst you will have discerned that I am not in Manchester. I dearly wish I was but I have neither the money nor the holiday entitlement to make that possible.

But the little bit I have watched tonight on the Parliament Channel - for the first time this week - was really good.

I turned the TV on and pressed the buttons and the first face to come into focus was our Wendy, speaking on behalf of UNISON about equal pay. Then I saw my old friend and new Facebook friend, Huw Lewis from the Welsh Assembly (which we worked together to establish) giving a speech and then I saw the councillor who is supporting Liverpool Labour Group through the IDEA improvement programme. I also saw friends from the NEC and was thrilled to see Zimbabwean Nicholas Mutize from Liverpool Riverside, unsuccessful Labour Candidate for St Michael's ward this year, speaking to a motion on foreign policy.

I saw my friend Gary Titley get a standing ovation and heaps of praise for his last ever speech as leader of the Socialist Group in Europe (he is retiring) and also Glenys Kinnock who is also retiring and was equally praised and feted.

I saw an old Batley colleague, Cath Speight, chairing conference and lots of other old friends. I miss being there but the Parliament channel helps a lot.

Well done everyone, keep on keeping on, and if you see John Braggins, if he still goes to conference, give him a big kiss from me


scouseboy said...

I too have been watching the Labour conference on BBC Parliament. I think the conference these days are a pale shadow of what it once was, sterile, stage managed and sychophantic (think milliband yesterday)
I much preferred the honest and open debates/bloodletting of bygone years, when policy making at conference actually meant something!!

Lynnette Kelly said...

Hi Louise
Were you watching closely enough to see me? We met when you did a course in London a few months ago. I have finally got up the courage to start my own blog. Its at I'm still in the early days but I'm sure I'll get better. Thanks for all your advice

Alfie said...

By bygone years do you mean those we spent in opposition because we looked like a bunch of infighting idiots who couldn't run a tuckshop never mind a country?

I do take your point though and also feel we need a little more oomph putting back into conference. I think our history sadly means we are afraid to do this.

scouseboy said...

In my opinion alfie, all the three main party conferences are now dull,non policy making affairs. I take your point about infighting idiots, but I think sometimes that a good honest open debate enhances the democratic system that we live in.
I also note the Tories did not wheel out the wicked witch or made hardly any reference to her at their "conference" this year. I wonder why??