Thursday, September 04, 2008

In other news...

I went to a session on chairing committees this week, courtesy of Liverpool City Council and Mike Jones from Committee Services - all good stuff which will be very useful I am sure (although nothing about how precisely to deal with certain particular chairs who have ruined every session I have attended, no names no pack drill but you know who he is!)

The Good Neighbourhood Agreement in the GEARS area of Fairfield moves on with over 100 residents signed up. The wardens and the clean team are going to assess the scheme along with the neighbourhood services team of City and North in Liverpool City Council to see if it is yet ready to roll out in other areas.

I got another four rows of shelving done in the children's library in Kensington library today whilst in my surgery. It is the free coffee that keeps me going!

A very useful pre-meeting of the Physical Regeneration Neighbourhood Partnership Working Group for the City and North Neighbourhood (there is a mouthful for you!) today. We shall have a fascinating agenda on the 10th, I look forward to it.

I am holding back news of the St John the Divine Church, Holly Road, Fairfield fight although we are only days away from winning and lunch today with my mate Kevin (and the PM) as you should read about them first in the newspapers. But watch this space.

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