Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Warbreck byelection date announced (Liverpool City Council)

Following the very sad death of Councillor Joan Lang (edited spelling of surname), our excellent Lord Mayor until May this year, there will now be a byelection in Liverpool, in Warbreck ward, on September 13th 2007.

Joan was a LibDem, the first of the three seats was taken this year by Labour's Ann O'Byrne and Labour are hoping to take the second in September.

Unfortunately, because Joan was due to fight this seat in May 2008 (or retire, her choice, we dont know which she would have chosen), the winner will have to fight again in 8 short months.

Last week I might have said that it would be an interesting and close fight, given the personal and sad circumstances surrounding the vacancy, this week I would not put any money on the LibDems.

The cancellation of the Mathew Street Festival has thrown the city of Liverpool and all its citizens into despair. It is the ultimate demonstration and proof, should proof be needed, of the failure of this authority to manage its way out of a paper bag.

If you are interested in helping Liverpool Labour Party take its tenth seat from the LibDems in what will then be 16 months (and yes we also lost one), then please get in touch. It will be a very labour intensive campaign, lots of doors to knock, lots of phoning, lots of leaflets and letters, lots of engagement.

Labour's candidate is a highly respected local man who is very big in the local residents association and also works in an important role with people with disabilities. He will be very hard to beat and will do a very good job, very thoroughly and with huge commitment, once elected. I will do a potted biography for you in future entries.

We need you, please get in touch.


bw said...

Looks like Richard Roberts is standing for Lib Dems

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Helping in Warbreck

Had a good evening yesterday in Warbreck, where there is to be a by election. The by election's been caused by the death of Cllr Joan Lang. Warbreck is in North Liverpool but is surprisingly easy to get to for me by train, so I imagine I will be there quite a bit.

We knocked on some doors in a load of terraced streets. A good reception, lots of people willing to talk.

Richard Roberts is well known here and got a good response from the people we were able to speak to.


The Belmont Bitch said...

It's Lang you silly creature. You can't even spell her name properly , shows how much you cared

Old Dick, Kensington's answer to Tom Semen said...

she'll always be just plain "joan" to me and the gang in Wetherspoons