Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As One - fighting anti-social behaviour in Kensington and Fairfield (south)

Today was another meeting of the As One group who have three main aims

To make sure that local residents can recognise anti-social behaviour
To make sure they know what to do when it happens
To identify diversionary activities that will prevent anti-social behaviour.

It is a group set up by the Chamber of Commerce and headed by former police officer of some 30 years, Frank Richardson.

We talked as usual about a variety of activities, one of our main discussion items each meeting. I am interested to hear from local people with ideas about how to divert in particular teenage girls from anti-social behaviour. There are lots of plans and ideas and schemes already in place for the lads, particularly lots of football and other sports, but nothing yet for the girls.

I think I told you a few weeks ago about the disturbing incidence of girls as young as 13 staggering round drunk on a Friday night.

What can we find for them to do that they will enjoy and that will keep them safe?

We are always looking for residents to get involved and come along, might you be interested?

I took away about four action points, but I dont mind for this group because they achieve a lot and I really like working with them.

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