Monday, August 27, 2007

Football-mad Rhys Jones

It doesn't seem appropriate to ignore the fact that a lovely 11 year old boy has been shot dead on the suburban streets of Liverpool, but then again I didnt know him and I dont know the detail of the circumstances, so I dont want to say too much about this terrible situation either. We dont want to turn his death into a political band-wagon.

So I shall limit my comments to these; One of the special children in my life, the son of a close friend, my relationship with whom has helped make up for my own inability to have children, is also called Rhys Jones, although he is much older than 11 now. If it had been him that we had lost I would have been inconsolable.

So I send lots of love and support to Rhys' family and friends, football mates and school mates. My advice to Rhys' friends is this, write down all your memories of him as soon as you can, while they are still sharp in your mind, because although he will always be in your heart, some of the littler memories fade and you will appreciate having the notes to look at again when you are bigger and want to remember them all.

It is unimaginable that the police are looking for a child of 13-15 for shooting and killing a child of 11. Society is going to have a lot of thinking to do.

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