Monday, August 20, 2007

Kensington United Community Football - AGM

I have just had notice of the Kensington United Community Football AGM to be held on Thursday from 6pm on 6th September 2007 at Fairfield Police Club, Prescot Road, Kensington

It is hoped that the AGM business will take approx 45 minutes and this will be followed by 3 guest speakers (from Kick it Out, U19 Palestine National team and the Football Association) who will talk about their experience in football.

This will be followed by food and entertainment and prize draws.

They particularly welcome attendance from anyone who has played in leagues or tournaments or accessed any of the training they have provided. But I am sure they would be happy to see anyone who is interested, particularly in the excellent speakers.

See you there!

Check out the KUCF website at


JB said...

Great website they've got there, good to see them putting a bit of pride back in.

Stanley Stan said...

Understand Palestinian team have been refused visas? Can you help? Jane Kennedy has visited Isreal sponsored by a Zionist organisation so she won't be any use

Louise Baldock said...

Some posts are so appalling I am very unsure of whether to delete them or allow them to go forward in order to expose the terrible behaviour that we Labour politicians have to put up with.

I dont know whether the Palestinian Team have been refused visas or not, but it will be a terrible shame if they have.

Jane is the Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. An awful lot of Labour Party members are friends of Israel, given the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. However that doesnt mean that we cannot also be Labour Friends of Palestine, Pakistan and various other countries, simultaneously.

It is not an either/or choice.

Jane is on holiday at the moment so I cannot ask her about the visas and Councillors have no responsibility for IND so there is no role I can take.

However, they could contact Arlene McCarthy MEP for instance for help, or one of the other MPs, they cannot all be on holiday.

You should be ashamed of yourself, really deeply ashamed for casting such libelous aspersions - suggesting that she would deliberately not help Palestinians.

I expect Jane will want to sue you once we have tracked you down.