Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kensington Regeneration Board

I have been to my first Kensington Regeneration Board meeting, having taken over former Cllr Marbrow's place as a local authority (the accountable body) representative, along with Frank Doran.

I dont know how much I am allowed to tell you about our discussions, I will have to take advice, but we had a long talk about the proposals for the new neighbourhood centre. Once I know what I can tell you and what I cannot, it will be here for you to see, watch this space.

I have also had an induction session although to be honest I know quite a lot about Kenny Regen already as I go to lots of their meetings and events.

I have promised to make some approaches about examining the positioning of Kenny Regen within the council. More on this later too I hope.

I must just tell you about when I got in touch with a journalist from the Echo to ask him if he had heard from Kenny Regen about the community garden at St Sebs in Fairfield. He wrote back to say he had not, but that if I saw him, I was to ask him to get in touch, LOL


Anonymous said...

Kenny Regen isn't he one of your favourite Country and Western singers.


Old Dick- Kensington's own Sage Soothsayer and spinner of tales of the supernatural said...

So are we getting the Anne Summers branch in the new centre or what, to travel all the way into town for the chocolate dipping sauce is getting my new council provided Polish Carer Marek a bit down in the mouth, the long delays on the bus 'cause of the Big Dig etc..especially as he only gets paid for the face to face sessions and then onyl minumum wage.

I want to put my name down for one of the new flats too (ground floor disabled access), to find myself living in a such a vibrant and attractive and well designed buildings thrills me no end,and would probably be a bit of babe magnet too there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

I only hope the new flats sell well as I'd hate for people going through Kenny on the 10 bus mistaking the ToLet signs which might be in the windows of the centre as "ToiLet"

Steve Faragher said...

Here's a cunundrum, when does a Neighbourhood centre stop being a Neighbourhood centre and become a firestation and a few flats.

I would have thought housing KNDC, CAB HEAT KCLC Edge Credit Union, a council one stop shop (HB abd CTB) low cost business start up units, Old Dick would even make a brilliant Conscierge.... wouldnt have taken a great deal of thought to work out possible tenants-I think the phrase "No Brainer" is more than appropriate