Thursday, April 05, 2012

Liverpool Mayoral Elections 2012 - Runners and Riders

You will find the final list of Liverpool Mayoral Candidates here for the 2012 elections

And as I suspected, they are all male

There is going to be an interesting battle between the National Front and the British National Party between who is the most unacceptable, unattractive, unrepresentative and failed candidate of the election. And of course Putting England First and UKIP wont want to be left out, fighting for the right wing fascist vote, between the four of them they will be lucky to scrape a deposit. But of course it does not work on a cumulative basis so hopefully all four will be out of pocket, although I suspect UKIP will come second in several ward level contests behind Labour (because they are good at disguising their true purpose and aim for the populist vote).

At the other end of the spectrum there is Tony Mulhearn standing as a Trade Unionist which is a bit odd really as most of the other candidates will be enthusiastic TU members themselves.

And John Coyne is having a punt for the Greens, interesting that they chose him and not Sarah who would have been popular, a woman, their leader, and not associated historically with the LibDems. I am sure they had their reasons and he will fight a clean fight.

And there is a couple of independents it will be interesting to hear from.

For me the only name that stands out on the list as worth voting for is Joe Anderson, but then you would expect me to say that.

PS There are two sitting councillors standing who dont really deserve the oxygen of publicity, or if they do, then they would both concede that they don't deserve it from me personally, so I shant be referring to either of them.

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