Monday, April 23, 2012

60th anniversary party for Kensington All Saints Brownies

Liam, Wendy and I were delighted to take part in the 60th birthday party this evening for the Kensington All Saints Brownies. They were officially inaugurated as St Phillip's  Brownies on April 23rd 1952 and share a diamond jubilee with the Queen who they would love to meet when she visits Liverpool next month (more of that later, ssshhh, it is still top secret, but you know that if Wendy (being the czar for all things relating to Culture and Tourism in Liverpool) can  help to make that dream come true, she will...)

We joined in all the games and party fun, with Liam in particular enjoying the skipping and tin can stilts (so fast he was a total blur!) while Wendy was a wizz on estimating how long a minute is, without looking at a clock. I was the victor in the competition to pick up as many jelly beans with a pair of chopsticks as possible in 60 seconds (30, have a go yourself, let me know how you did!) A sign of a Chinese food lover, methinks. We did let the Brownies win most of the competitions though, honest!

It was really lovely to see that along with all the Brownies and Rainbows (tiny pre-Brownies that we didn't have in my day, when I was a Sixer in the Sprites for St Andrews, Tamworth, Staffordshire) and some visiting Guides, lots of former Brown, Tawny and Snowy Owls from that 60 year history turned up too.

Congratulations and well done to the current leaders, and all former leaders, and all the existing and previous Brownies. I did speak to one lady, aged 31, who has two girls in the Brownies today, and reminisced with me that she was a Brownie in the same pack 21 years ago.60 years of terrific service and great fun for girls from Kensington and Fairfield, never to be under-estimated.

I was particularly interested to hear that the Brownies had been set a challenge to perform a good deed every day for the last 60 days and record them, and that so many had brought in their returns showing they had succeeded. Bravo!

We had a whale of a time and we look forward to welcoming Brown Owl at future Kensington Youth Forum meetings to make sure that we are all working together to provide the best facilities and opportunities for all the children and young people in the ward.

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