Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big day for Deane Road Jewish Cemetery, Kensington this week

From this to what?  Wait and see! Not long now...
This is a terrific "before" photo, believe me!
On Thursday the Deane Road Cemetery Committee, an arm of the Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation, Princes Road Synagogue, will be handed the keys to a beautifully restored cemetery.

I may cry, we may all cry!

I promise there will be photos and we are already hard at work on our programme of pilot open days and pilot school visits, prior to the official opening in September during National Heritage Month. I will let you know as soon as there is news of when you can come yourself to marvel.

This wonderful resting place of some of the Victorians who truly made Liverpool great will be a jewel in the city's Heritage Crown. And to think it is in Kensington, somewhere which has not enjoyed the best of reputations in the last 30 or so years, is a dream come true for me. I know that Kensington, and its neighbour, Fairfield, are great places, with lots to offer, but it wont just be me saying that soon, it will be an army of eager enthusiasts.

People will travel from around the world, not just from the UK, England or the city itself, to learn more about these very influential Victorians who helped make our city great.

If you ask a politician why they got involved, the vast majority of them will all tell you the very same thing, "to make a difference", but it is not always easy to identify in a positive and obvious way, where you made that difference, I look forward to having something I can point to and say "I helped achieve this".

I have already begun initial work on my next big Heritage project, which will be for Fairfield, and will put that area firmly on the heritage trail too, but I will just have to leave you in suspense for now, because I cannot begin that project until this one is properly resolved - expect more news in the autumn!


Ali Cooper said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful Louise, I will have to make it my business to come down and take a look and see the restoration in all its glory, well done x

Robert said...

It's Friday and where are your pics? (only kidding). I know exactly what you mean. I despair at the lack of interest shown in local heritage by many councillors of all parties, Folk like you are beacons.

Gerard Thompson said...

Fantastic work on this Louise. I've kept up on the news of the Cemetery, and all credit to you on your hard work.
I'll look forward to visiting it after its opened when i'm next up.

Louise Baldock said...

Yeah, Baldock, where are the photos? I am afraid that rain has somewhat stopped play. We cannot finish the painting on the listed arch, the cleaning of the new flagstones, the welding of the new gates etc, and then we are also waiting for the electricity board to connect the power and the water board to connect the toilet - it was ever thus. We reckon it might be another three weeks, BOOOOOO but it will be brilliant when it is finished, honest HURRAH!