Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Liverpool Local Elections 2012 - Runners and Riders

Please see here a list of all candidates standing for election to Liverpool City Council on May 3rd 2012

There are 30 Labour, Conservative and Green Party candidates.

Of particular interest is the failure of the main opposition party, the Liberal Democrats, to field (once again) a full slate. In 5 wards of a possible 30, or 16.66% of the total,  the party that was running the city as recently as 2010 will fail to offer a candidate for voters to support.

There are two BNP candidates, this year in Belle Vale and Wavertree (home to the controversial Cricketers Arms function rooms)

The English Democrats which are virtually indistinguishable from the BNP and include former BNP candidates are standing in five wards.

There are two Independents, one of which is Warren Bradley, convicted last month of electoral offences with a £1000 fine

There are 25 Liberal Party candidates, which one should not mix up with the Liberal Democrats, a very different animal altogether (although no more successful).

And there are various other candidates, very likely to be also-rans, for your consideration.

Your comments are welcome, but I know where my money is.


Derek Moore said...

It doesn't surprise me the Liberal Democrats are on the decline in Liverpool. I think they realised they shot themselves in the foot when joining forces with the Conservatives. We all know Tories will never win in Liverpool and now they are being tarred with the same brush.

locultom said...

I have seen absolutely zero campaigning in Belle Vale. This is disappointing when there is a BNP candidate standing. Labour need to get the vote out.....very quite at the polling station.