Monday, August 22, 2011

Labour opens party conference to the British public

LP Press Release

In a groundbreaking new initiative, Labour will be opening its doors at party conference to the Great British public.

Ed Miliband has written to thousands of people across the country to personally invite them to an open day at Labour Party Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet politicians and discuss the issues that matter to Britain, including the British Promise – the promise that each generation will do better than the last.

The open day will include:

· Ed Miliband answers Britain’s questions – Labour Leader Ed Miliband will answer the British public’s big questions in a Q&A with hundreds of people from across the country.

· Labour’s Young British Talent Showcase – an unprecedented event that will see 16-23 year olds compete to showcase their unique talents, ideas and skills. The competition will see young people compete to win a fully funded work experience placement that will allow them to fulfil their dream.

· Policy Workshops – members of the public will have the opportunity to debate policy on areas with members of the shadow cabinet including: the British Promise; the cost of living crisis; getting the economic moving; and building stronger communities.

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, writing to thousands of people inviting them the Labour Party Conference, said:

“Many of the vital services that we all rely on are under threat from the Tory-led Government. Family budgets are being squeezed, young people find themselves with fewer opportunities and the economy continues to stall. We need real solutions to the problems we face, not explanations and excuses.

“This is why the Open Day is so important - it is our opportunity to listen to you and to discuss how we overcome the challenges facing Britain.”

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

“Ed Miliband is opening up Labour Party conference to the British public to ensure that Labour stands for the issues that matter across our country. At a time when the British Promise, the promise at each generation will do better than the one before, is under threat Labour will be the voice for the hardworking majority who are feeling the squeeze.”

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