Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fairfield First!

A council officer unfamiliar with our ward, asked me about statistics generated by national software showing that parts of Fairfield are identified as housing the urban comfortably well-off. (It was probably phrased slightly differently but that was the general gist). She wondered whether the data was correct, and if it was, whether I could help shed any light on this interesting phenomenon whereby those parts are next door to areas of high poverty and deprivation.

I took her for a drive around the area, showing her the lovely houses on Prospect Vale, Fairfield Crescent, Elm Vale, Carstairs Road, Newsham Park, Holly Road, Fairfield Street, Deane Road (technically in Kensington but originally in Fairfield) etc... She thought Fairfield was delightful, she was stunned by some of the fabulous properties and declared it an unsung beautiful area that should be given a much wider profile.

I absolutely agree, I am seriously thinking about launching a campaign to promote the area and in particular its Georgian and early Victorian housing,  built long before neighbouring Kensington on what were originally fair fields in the countryside outside of the city.

Anyone care to join me?

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Louise Baldock said...

We do indeed, although that has not stopped us increasing our share of the vote from the low 40s to 75% in recent elections.

I have bid on several houses in Fairfield, unsucessfully, but continue to keep looking for the right property that I can afford.

This is not however because I think you can only effectively represent a ward by living in it, I am in Kensington and Fairfield every day and also work there in my part-time job. But it is because I really like the area and genuinely want to live there.

Several other councillors do live there, James Noakes who represents Clubmoor, Pat Maloney who represents Childwall, Jan Clein who represents Greenbank and Hazel Williams who represents Tuebrook, all live in Fairfield (not Kensington which is somewhere else).

Hazel did live in her ward until the boundaries changed. Should she have moved house then?

What matters is the quality of the work we do for our constituents, not our home address.