Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's not codswallop, honest!

There was an interesting contribution to last week's Environment and Climate Change Select Committee on Liverpool City Council when a question was raised about the sad story of hundreds of fish being found dead in Walton Hall Park Lake.

The Assistant Cabinet Member, Councillor Tim Beaumont explained what had happened to the fish, and how changes in weather conditions had lead to changes in the lake's oxygen supply, and that this coupled with the over-stocking had resulted in the disaster.

We all took his word for it, if anyone should know he should, because he informed us he has a PhD in Stress in Fish. Now that is what I call relevant expertise in the role...


scouseboy said...

PhD in the stress of fish? I think Tim needs to get out more!!!

Anonymous said...

and visit his ward

Louise Baldock said...

Now come on Anonymous, you cannot have it both ways (comment on the post above re Fairfield).

Tim lives in his ward, just by walking out of his front door he is in the ward. He is a very busy councillor, engaged in projects, campaigns and with residents groups rights across the area. He is well known there, having lived there for years with his growing family.

You are very grumpy today, did you get out of bed on the wrong side?