Saturday, August 20, 2011

Card making course at Kensington Community Learning Centre

Thursday 1.00 – 3.00 p.m. (10 weeks),

Starting 11th August 2011
Each week we will show you how to create beautiful embellishments, using a range of techniques. These will be used to create lovely cards, but can also be used to decorate calendars, scrapbooks and gift boxes.

The course will show you the following techniques:

  • Paper Weaving
Weaving different colours & textures of paper.
  • Teabag Folding
Folding small pieces of paper to make flowers, snowflakes and other detailed shapes.
  • Dry Embossing
Using a light-box & brass stencils to emboss shapes and edgings.
  • Decoupage
Creating 3D pictures from card templates.
  • Spirelli
Wrapping different coloured yarns around shapes and patterns.
  • Pop-Up Cards
Creating pictures which pop out of your card to make your card more fun and entertaining.
  • Brads & Eyelets
Use metal eyelets and funky brads to add detail and interest.
  • Masking
Creating effective patterns and pictures by masking images, shapes and stamps.
  • Lace
Using techniques of cutting and folding card into a variety of shapes.
  • Tags / Boxes
Creating gift tags and gift boxes.

This fun, creative course is designed for everyone of all ages

- from 16 to 116!

To book your place call
0151 260 1006 or email us at

The course costs £20.00 for 10 sessions or students can pay £3.00 per session and just attend the sessions that particularly interest them J

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