Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That's a lot of ring binders....

Stationery catalogues, who can resist them? Packs of highlighter pens shaped like daisies, file dividers in multi colours, shiny new desk tidies, blotter pads with marketing messages, box files for all the reciepts, and ring binders of course, in every colour and style. I could pore over them for hours.

And I am clearly not alone. It looks like someone in Tory controlled East Riding Council (Beverley, East Yorkshire) has been getting right into the "back to the school" spirit, judging by this entry I spotted in Contrax Weekly.

Click the image to enlarge

£600,000 will buy a hell of a lot of ringbinders (and clip boards and display files and clip files and report files and plastic wallets and card wallets and zip wallets and organisers and punched pockets and dividers and box files and suspension files and storage boxes)

I guess the paperless office is not for them....

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