Monday, October 11, 2010

Kathakali in Liverpool

Message from Raji Mathew of the Liverpool Malayalee Cultural Association (LIMCA)

Kathakali – An ancient Dance-Drama from the South Indian State of Kerala is coming to Liverpool.

On behalf of LIMCA, I’m delighted to invite you to the programme on Sunday, 17th October at the Broadgreen International School, Heliers Road (Off Broadgreen Road), Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 4DH. The Kathakali performance starts at 5pm.
Prior to the Kathakali, there will be some cultural programmes by LIMCA from 3pm onwards. The event is FREE and open to all.

Kathakali was originated in the temples of Kerala more than 600 years ago. The brightly coloured costumes, three dimensional makeup and elaborate body movements makes Kathakali quite unique. Kathakali uses "Mudras" (a type of sign language which is 4000 years old) to communicate the story. Kathakali is based on Hinduism. Stories from the epic of Mahabharata are portrayed in Kathakali. More details of Kathakali can be found at

A leaflet of the event is attached for your information. Please feel free to bring along your family/friends/colleagues.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or would like to know more about the event.

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Raji Mathew said...

Thanks Louise. We believe it would be a great opportunity for the local community to enjoy this magnificent art-form from Kerala. Raji from LIMCA