Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BNP to stand in Croxteth byelection, Liverpool

Press release from Liverpool AntiFascists

The British National Party's candidate in the upcoming Croxteth council By-Election has a conviction for violently assaulting a political opponent during the European elections two years ago.

The By-Election is being held due to the recent death of Labour's popular and much loved Councillor Rose Bailey and the resignation of Liberal Democrat Councillor Phil Moffatt. The BNP's chosen candidate is Peter Tierney, who owns the Quiggins Attique antique shop on Aigburth Road, is considered a "super-activist" by the party.

In April 2008, Tierney used a camera tripod to whack a trade unionist and anti-fascist campaigner across the head from behind. The wound had to be glued together in hospital. He pleaded not guilty on the grounds of self-defence, but after viewing the CCTV footage, a jury unanimously found him guilty of assault and causing actual bodily harm.

Commenting on his decision to stand, a spokesperson for Liverpool Antifascists said; "Peter Tierney is just the latest in a long line of high-profile BNP candidates with criminal records for violence.

"That he is so highly regarded by his party in Liverpool and nationally demonstrates that, despite token efforts to clean-up their image, violence and intimidation against political opponents remains part of their strategy. His brother, Andrew, has said that those who oppose the BNP are 'fair game. Local organiser Mike Whitby has promised that anti-fascists' identities will end up on 'a website far worse than Red Watch,' the hate site which has inspired attacks on activists' homes and families."

"In the 2010 General Election and in every local election they have contested, the BNP have been roundly rejected by the people of Liverpool. When they recently tried to campaign in the City Centre, they were chased off the streets - twice. Liverpool Antifascists hopes that the people of Croxteth show the same good sense and give this fascist thug the boot."

The Croxteth By-Election will take place on Thursday 18th November.


andrew said...

i'm sorry, have i missed something? how can a convicted criminal be allowed to stand for public office, surely there ought to be a law blocking those with criminal convictions from standing for 5 years. i understand that would be implausible in the case of NI but for english elections it should surely be a legal standard.

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Andrew, there is a law, but it depends on you having been sent to prison and in particular on the length of your prison sentence, I cannot remember just now how long it has to be, to exclude you from standing.

Anonymous said...

Although interestingly people have managed to stand for Parliament and win elections while in prison - bobby sands is the obvious example.