Saturday, October 03, 2009

KVFM 2009 Presentation and Awards

Louise receives certificate from Steve Faragher
The queue for cake at the celebration of another successful KVFM community radio fortnight

Kensington Vision held the KVFM 2009 presentation and awards at Kensington Fields Community Association again this year. A packed club watched three DVDs which you too can view by clicking on the following links.

The short film of presenters and their jingles

The longer film talking about the project and lots of clips from presenters - part one,

Part one contains tiny snatches of Liam, Wendy and Jane, if you know where to look

part two

Part two contains cameos from lots of our presenters and guests including lots of great kids and young people, Jane Kennedy MP, Phil Redmond, Frank Carlyle, Siddi (the Duke of Kensington), Steve Abrahams the Singing Pharmacist, Steve Rotheram (Lord Mayor of Liverpool), James May, Rt Hon John Prescot MP, Louise Baldock, Laurence Sidorczuk (not quite sure how he snuck in there?) and many others. It closes with the wonderful choir we have been supporting through our Working Neighbourhoods Fund.

Liverpool City Council's Councillor Community Initiative Fund paid for the training of all of the children and young people who took part in radio shows.

Kensington Regeneration did not fund any part of this project.

A tribute to Carl Speare, co-founder of the project who sadly died days before we went on air.

I enjoyed the afternoon hugely, making the tea, until it was time to be called up to receive my certificate as a presenter.

Everyone had a great time, especially after Jane Speare cut the cake and they were queueing round the club to get a piece. (You just gotta love Costco cakes!)

Well done everyone, looking forward to December when we will be back on air during Respect week!

(Photos by Sheila McCoy, including one of Steve's bum I notice!)


Laurence said...

Louise, I didn't "sneak in" on the video. I was invited by Steve to present a Sunday morning programme to talk about my Council work and choose a couple of tracks. We were joined later by Colin Watts [great guy and a much under-rated poet]. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I was asked to give my impression of the experience for the record. Sorry I missed out on the KVFM presentations, though. Well done KVFM - things can only get bigger!

Louise Baldock said...

That just proves that KVFM is a public service broadcaster then - politically impartial!

Laurence said...

Indeed so, Louise, indeed so.