Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kensington Remembers (Ltd)

Following the success of our Kensington Remembers event in January, (remember the 10 hour marathon I blogged about here?), which in itself built upon earlier events, a small committee has formed to set up the event for 2010. We have formed a limited company which we hope then to register as a charity, so that we can develop a strategy for the future when Kensington Regeneration comes to an end in 2010. We also tendered through LCC for an organisation to take on the heavy work for us.

Kensington Remembers 2010 will incorporate a youth event on Thursday 21st January, a family/adult event on Saturday 23rd January, and a series of films over the week, celebrating diversity or drawing attention to related issues. We are also working with local youth groups to tackle issues like bullying, homophobia, racisms within their lives.

We aim to commemorate the holocaust of the second world war, atrocities and genocides in other countries around the world, past or present, where people from those countries are now living in Kensington (DR Congo for isntance), and to celebrate diversity in all its forms.

I will publish the full programme in good time but do put those dates in your diary now.

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