Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fairfield Post Office saved

Liam, Wendy and I were contacted by Mr Iqbal, the Post Office master at Fairfield Post Office to say that new railings had been put up outside his Post Office on Prescot Road. These railings, paid for by Kensington Regeneration, did not encompass a gate as they ran past the Post Office. This meant that the security guards who bring cash into and out of the Post Office were put in a real quandary. They were having to park in a side street and walk up the road towards the Post Office, bringing and taking away cash and other secure items for use in the Post Office. They were deeply unhappy that this put their safety at risk and were refusing to continue to serve the Post Office. Mr Iqbal told us that the Post Office would have to close unless something could be done - no security men, no cash, no Post Office.
We contacted Liverpool City Council and explained that an act of municipal vandalism was putting our Post Office at risk. Thankfully officers understood the implications and quickly moved to install a gate in the railings at this location.

Result - one Post Office saved.

I understand LCC will be sending the bill to Kensington Regeneration.

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