Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Micro courses at Kensington Community Learning Centre

In November this year, the analogue TV signal will be switched off in the Liverpool area. If you have made no provision for digital TV in your home, you will not be able to watch television once the analogue signal is switched off.

Kensington Community Learning Centre are now delivering almost 30 micro courses, one of which deals with Digital TV and how the "switchover" will affect you and what options are available to you in order to continue watching TV from November 2009.

A full list of micro courses is attached.  If you would like to attend any of these FREE courses contact KCLC now on 260 1006.

Alternatively if you are an organisation/school and you have a group of people that would benefit from any of the courses we may be able to arrange a group session at your own premises. Call Alan for further details on 260 1006, or email alan@kclc.co.uk

Course Title

Starting with myguide 30 mins
Starting with computers 30 mins

Use the Internet Safely 30 mins
Use Public Services Online 60 mins
Using email 40 mins
Using the web 40 mins
Using online searches 40 mins
Using a mobile phone 25 mins
Using a computer 45 mins
Using a digital TV 25 mins
Using digital photography 30 mins

Understanding shopping online 45 mins
Understanding music online 25 mins
Understanding public services online 45 mins
Understanding job hunting online 45 mins
Understanding ebay auctions 30 mins
Understanding socialising online 35 mins
Understanding home computers 40 mins
Understanding banking online 30 mins
Understanding family education 50 mins
Understanding money management 60 mins
Understanding UK politics 40 mins
Understanding your family history 45 mins
Understanding Green living 60 mins
Understanding jobs and interviews 60 mins
Understanding transport in the UK 60 mins
Understanding renting and buying property 60 mins

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Alan said...

Louise. Thanks for the plug. If I can just add - that the micro courses are not a gimmick to provide a FREE 25-60 minute taster session which will then be followed by requests for course fees. ALL the listed courses are FREE (as are many of our accredited courses subject to eligibility criteria) and students can study as mny micro courses as they want to - all FREE of charge. Once registered students can also log into their own accounts from any internet connected computer - so home study is also available. Pop into the centre (opposite McDonalds Kensington) for more details. Please mention that you found us via Louise's blog.