Sunday, June 14, 2009

£80 million pound man

Last Monday the Brazilian player Kaka was the most expensive football player ever sold at £56 million (from AC Milan to Real Madrid), but not for long. Hot on his heels came the sale of Portugese player Ronaldo from Manchester United to Real Madrid for an eye-watering £80 million.

(A very unfortunate photo, don't you think?)

You could buy and furnish a thousand houses in L6 with that money, or build 40 new community centres, or 25 ice rinks, or 5 aquacentres - you get the general idea. It is quite simply obscene, football may well be more important than life or death (Bill Shankly) but this is surely a step too far.

Incidentally, did anyone else see Michael McIntyre last night on TV, saying how he thought Man United, Man City and MEN Arena all sounded like gay bars, LOL

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious photo! :-)