Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How the BNP are threatening my friends and neighbours

I'm taking 5 minutes out this Thursday 4th June to vote in the European elections. I hope you will too.

The Euro voting system means that every vote really does count - we need as many people as possible to vote for mainstream parties so that we can stop the BNP from gaining a seat in the European Parliament and representing you and me in Brussels.

I know that people are sick of politics and politicians at the moment - the BNP want to depict all politicians as pigs with their noses in the troughs. They're doing this to try and pick up the protest vote on Thursday. We have to remind people that they're not the party of protest - they're the party of perversion.

The BNP believe that my friends Mehboob and Azhar can never be British because they're not white. The BNP class them as racial aliens in their own country. Their policy is to send home everyone, forcibly or otherwise, who is not white. They want to introduce apartheid into Britain.

THe BNP believe that my friends Sandra and Dave should not be married because Sandra's family is originally from the Caribbean and Dave is a white man from Liverpool. The BNP are against mixed race marriages because they believe they lead to the dilution of the white race.

The BNP would criminalise my friends Stephen and Caroline, because they're gay and lesbian. Nick Griffin thinks LGBT people are repulsive. BNP organisers celebrate HIV as a friendly disease because it targets blacks people and gay people. And lets not forget it was former BNP steward and activist David Copeland who carried out the Soho pub bombings 10 years ago.

THe BNP do not believe that Peter - a Polish Holocaust survivor that I met at Liverpool’s National Holocaust Remembrance Day - suffered in the Nazi death camps. Nick Griffin denies the Holocaust, does not believe it took place and calls it an extremely profitable lie. He says the chimneys at Auschwitz are fake and built after the war.

These are just my stories, these are just the way in which the BNP threatens my way of life, my friends and my city. But I'm sure for all of you the stories would be similar. The threat the same.

And that's why I'm voting on June 4th - to stop the BNP politics of hate and stand up for my friends, and my community, for my city and my region. I hope you will too.

Together we can stop the BNP.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thanks to Kev Peel for sending me this note and encourging me to adapt it to suit my own experience.


Catherine said...

Done mine!

Catherine said...

And reminded quite a few people who have also done theirs. They are in Yorkshire but it all helps I'm sure.

scouseboy said...

And mine! My son also voted Labour as usual. He is 24, and like me has a proud record of never missing an election. Like me he has always voted labour. Lets hope the despicable BNP do not get a seat in the North West, or anywhere else in Britain at this or indeed any other election.